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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Laundry Room Prep and Shopping – ORC Week 2

I was hoping to start off the challenge strong, but this week ended up just being prep and shopping time. At least I finally got a drywall guy to come out and give me an estimate - it’s only been three years in the making…Anyway,  I liked him and thought the estimate was reasonable, so I scheduled him to come out on the 21st. I was hoping to have it done sooner, but that was the earliest available appointment. 

I originally didn’t plan to paint until the drywall was complete, but now I’m thinking I better get started before 21st or I’m not going to have much time to install everything. I don’t know if that will really happen or not, but I figured I should pick a paint color so I’m ready to go whenever the motivation strikes. I want a really pale blue color on the walls (white on the ceiling, trim, and doors), so I grabbed some paint cards while I was at Home Depot. I’ve narrowed it down to two choices. I’m think I’m going to grab a couple test pots next time I’m there before I make the final decision. 

Speaking of Home Depot, I bought a light fixture! I was originally planning on this Moroccan drum-shaped one, but ended up buying this square glass fixture instead. I really liked both of them and couldn’t decide, so I asked my boyfriend to pick. Of course I was happy either way, but I do like that this one was $15 cheaper than the other one.

I also ordered this set of safety pins from Ballard Designs while they were having a 20%-off sale. I tried to find a cheaper set elsewhere, but these ended up being the best deal. If you are in the market for just one safety pin, I found them at Hobby Lobby and online here, but they only come in one design. I liked the three in different styles, so I went with the ones from Ballard Designs.

As for the rest of the items, I ordered the Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow vinyl from Etsy a few years ago…seriously, it’s still sitting in the box it was shipped in. Now I just need to find a board to hang it on. I also ordered this ironing board holder from Amazon.

So, I can’t cross anything off my to-do list this week. I’m planning to paint the ceiling, door, and trim by next week. Plus I want to hang my new light fixture…and maybe start painting?

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