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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Patio Furniture

The backyard chronicles continue -
We last left off in late June; we’d just had a new concrete patio poured. With the additional space, we finally had room for an outdoor dining set. And so the hunt for patio furniture began…

After comparing sets and measuring our space, I decided I wanted a rectangular dining table with room for 6 chairs. And after an incident with Ringo and our current bistro set, it would have to be mostly metal. I also wanted the option to add an umbrella since the table wouldn’t be under the patio cover.
I quickly realized that patio furniture is really expensive, even a cheap Wal-Mart set was going to be at least $400. Obviously I wasn’t going to pay that, so I started searching Craigslist multiple times a day. Stores also started putting their patio furniture on clearance, so I searched online and in-store too.
2 months later – I saw this picture on Craigslist:

Obviously that set is nothing like what I was looking for, but they lived close by and only wanted $80, so I clicked on the listing…
And there it was - the second picture in the listing:

$80 for the first set, $100 for the dining set, or $150 for both sets…
I bought both sets =)

Here’s my new outdoor dining set (cushions trashed and freshly hosed off):
(umbrella not pictured)
And here’s my new conversation set:

It’s pictured on the patio, but I think it’ll end up in the pool area. We could use more seating in there.
Oh, and ignore all of the weeds in the pictures – we’ve gotten a lot of rain the past few weeks and they are running rampant throughout the yard. This Friday is going to be yard work day, so most of that should be cleaned up.

I’m so happy to finally have some patio furniture…and just in time for the holiday weekend (not that we have anything planned). I still need to replace the cushions, but at least it’s a start. We still have TONS of work to do in the backyard, but it’s coming around slowly. You’ll probably see more backyard projects once the weather starts cooling down in a couple months. I can’t wait!

And if you are wondering what the Ringo incident was– here’s a picture of my bistro-set chairs:


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