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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rug Painting Party – Week 2

Last Thursday I announced that I was joining Linda from My Crafty Home Life and a group of amazing bloggers on a three week rug painting challenge. I shared some rug inspiration pictures and detailed my plan of attack. Now today we’re talking progress -
So, the only real progress I’ve made is finding out what won’t work…
I decided to try a “paint by numbers” approach using the rug’s existing herringbone pattern.

I love how it looks, but it took me 25 minutes to paint just those 2 sections! It’s really time consuming trying to keep all of the edges perfectly even and straight. I’d say there are at least 50 more of those sections on the rug – just counting the ones I’m painting white, not including the gray sections – and I really don’t want to spend that many hours painting a kitchen rug…SOOOOO, stripes it is!
And now I’m down to one week until the final reveal - it’s rug painting crunch time!
I hope some of the other ladies are off to a better start than I am! You can check out the rest of the rug painting projects on the blogs below:

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