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Thursday, October 31, 2013

His & Hers Gallery Wall

It’s finally done! I feel like I’ve been working on this gallery wall forever!

When I first started planning the room I really wanted to make the office a place my boyfriend and I could both enjoy. Since we decided to build one long desk to share (more details here), I figured that would be the perfect place to incorporate both of our interests. So I decided to hang a his/hers gallery wall over the desk – items he loves on his side and items I love on my side, separated by the TV.

My boyfriend loves fishing, so on his side I hung a large fishing lure from Hobby Lobby, a picture of the lake, and an “I’d Rather Be Fishing” sign (more details here). He’s also a big Nebraska football fan, so I added a Huskers parking sign that I found at the swap meet. The number 14 sign represents his high school football number (more details here). He was the quarterback in a small town, so those were definitely his glory days.

My side of the wall has a few pieces with special meaning, but mostly they are just pretty/fun things - such as the metal bicycle from Hobby Lobby and the butterfly specimen art from IKEA. I made the Eiffel Tower wood shim art (more details here) in celebration of our Paris trip and the framed picture of the Palace of Westminster/Big Ben/Westminster Abbey is from our time in London. I finished off my side with some cute bunting because who doesn’t like bunting?!


I added our initials and an ampersand above the TV to tie our sides together. I love how it all turned out!

It’s been awhile since we looked at the ol’ to-do, so let’s see where I’m at now:

Sell old desk on Craigslist
Clean out room
Paint stripes
Replace outlets and switches with white ones
Build desk
Paint chairs 
Buy file cabinets
Cords/modem/router solution
Mount TV on the wall
Create a gallery wall around the TV
Build pallet artwork
Additional artwork
Sew curtains
Buy sleeper sofa
Buy end table
Buy dresser?
Paint dresser
Sew pillows
Add accessories 

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