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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Weekend Junk #16

Yep, today we're kicking it old school! It's been over two years since my last Weekend Junk post and I'm excited to bring the series back!

I haven't done any Weekend Junk posts recently because I'm really trying not to buy anything that I don't have a place/purpose for - I'm trying to stop my decor hoarding! One exception to that rule is ironstone. I'm currently in a BUY ALL THE IRONSTONE phase, so I buy pretty much every piece I find in the thrift stores.

Anyway, my mom came to visit this weekend and we spent most of our free time thrift shopping. 

Here are my finds:

Ann Taylor Loft Pink Shirt – Goodwill - $4.99
Banana Republic Plaid Shirt – Savers - $6.99 $5.24 (25%-off)
LL Bean Polka Dot Shirt – DI - $5.00

IRONSTONE! My mom found this set while we were at Savers. I was still in the fitting room, so she checked out the housewares section first and found this set of Johnson Bros ironstone dishes for me. Dinner plates were $1.99/each and the smaller plates and bowls were $0.99/each, but Savers is 25%-off on Fridays with a club card, so I ended up only paying about $12 for the whole set!  

It’s kind of interesting that there are five different hallmarks within the set of 12 dishes.  

So that’s what I found this weekend. If you were wondering, my mom bought a pair of khaki pants and a pile of books. We had a great time thrifting and I’m so happy she came down for the weekend to visit.

Anyone else have any luck at the thrift stores lately?

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