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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Purging & Adding

I’ve been on a serious organization/purging kick lately. So much so that I’ve actually made enough room in the master closet for my boyfriend’s clothes!  

When my boyfriend moved in three years ago (has it already been that long?), we put his clothes in the guest bedroom closet because I have a lot of clothes/shoes and I’m an only child so I don’t understand how to share (kidding…kinda). It’s been working fine, but I feel kind of bad about being a closet hog.

After a no-holds-barred clean out, I had cleared enough to give the front half of the closet to my boyfriend. Although he doesn’t have that many clothes so I ended up taking back the bottom half of the rack. 

And of course I have to share the pile of clothes, purses, and shoes that are being donated. Actually, these bags of clothes are going to my mom’s coworker. She’s raising her two grandkids and they are about my size. I think they are in high school, so obviously everything won’t work for them, but they just donate what they don’t want. My mom says they are always so excited to get my bags of clothes, so that makes me feel a little bit better about all clothes I buy (and money I end up wasting).  

I also ended up moving my boyfriend’s dresser into the bedroom too. It’s been in the guest bedroom with the rest of his clothes.  

I definitely need to start looking for a set of dressers to replace our current ones. I think that might end up being my next big purchase!

How do you and your significant other divide up the closet?

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