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Friday, April 29, 2011

King Me

Long ago (ok, in March) I wrote about my plans for the guest bedroom. I shared that I planned to move my full-size bed into the guest room and then buy a bigger bed for the master bedroom. I debated between getting a queen or a king, but everyone suggested a king. So, yesterday I took a little trip to Sleep America and bought a king-size Sealy plush euro pillowtop!
(not the exact model, but similar)
Normally I’m all about buying used and cheap (anyone want to make a dirty joke out of that?), but I refuse to buy a used mattress. Have you read about all the dead skin cells, dust mites, and other icky stuff that ends up in mattresses? Yuck. No thanks! Anyway, it’s getting delivered later today and I can’t wait to sleep on it!
Hopefully I get a good night’s sleep because tomorrow my mom and I plan to shop until we drop! My mom came down Thursday after work and will be here until Monday or Tuesday. We have a lot planned!
As we speak my mom is painting the rest of my living room. See that ugly tan/gold color in the background? My mom is taking care of that today!

We also plan to:
Paint the trim and doors in the kitchen/dining room/living room area

Paint the icky blue bathroom (aka the crime scene bathroom)

Paint the guest bedroom

And yard sale/thrift our faces off!
I’m hoping to have an awesome Weekend Junk feature on Monday and freshly painted rooms to show off on Tuesday! Anyone else have any big weekend plans?

And because everyone is talking about it, I think Kate looked gorgeous! Love the dress!
*I didn't watch the wedding because of that little thing called work (and the fact that it was on at 1 a.m.)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

After Work Junk

I’m sure y’all noticed that there wasn’t a Weekend Junk post on Monday. I didn’t do any shopping last weekend because of the holiday. So after work yesterday I stopped by one of my favorite thrift shops, East Valley Lutheran Thrift, to look around. Let me show you the goods:

Wood Candleholder $1.00

Pair of Wood/Mirror Sconces $7.00 $1.75

Mirror $15.00
I was so excited when I found the mirror! I ripped it off the wall and ran to the register!
I haven’t decided where I want to hang it or what color to paint it yet. It reminds me of this $349 Z Gallerie mirror:

I’ll probably end up painting it white or aqua (similar to my stenciled tray).

Monday, April 25, 2011

“Just Don’t Paint It White”

Alternate Title: The 5 Words That Made Me Gasp

I love, love, love white furniture. I’d paint everything white if I could. OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I love me some white furniture. So imagine my surprise when I find out my boyfriend is anti-white and pro-oak…ugh!
Here’s the story: I’m creepin’ through Ana White’s build-plans and find an entertainment center I want to build.

It starts with just this simple bottom piece. Easy peasy!

So, I send the link to my boyfriend telling him I want to build this. By now he’s scared every time I send him something because he knows it’s another project I’ve found and want help with. But he sees how easy it looks and agrees to help. But then our convo takes a nasty turn:
bf: OK, just don’t paint it white.
me: Why the hell not?
bf: It wouldn’t look good white.
me: Bullshizzy it wouldn’t!
So, I send him a couple pictures of white entertainment centers to prove him wrong.

But he's still meh about white entertainment centers and furniture in general. I’m honestly surprised that he cares about decorating at all.
So, my question is: Do any of you have opinionated significant others when it comes to decorating? How do you compromise?
I should also add that I’m an only child, so sharing and compromising are NOT my strong points!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Highs and Lows

Today I’m participating in a brand-spankin’-new link party! The very talented Jen at Life, Crafts and Whatever has started a great party to share the week’s highs and lows.

  • I won Junk to Joy’s Spring Delights Giveaway! I never win anything, so I was jumping around screaming…actually I was at work, so I just did a couple chair spins to celebrate instead.
  • I finally finished painting/stenciling/antiquing the tray that’s been haunting me for weeks. And it turned out suh-weet if I do say so myself.
  • I got a Welcome to the Neighborhood package in the mail with gift certificates to local restaurants and shops, including one for a free 30 minute massage. Yippee!
  • I finally got to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. I.LOVE.HP.
  • Two Words: Playoff Hockey! Wednesday I went to Game 4 of Round 1 Stanley Cup Playoffs!

  • The Coyotes lost the game and were swept in the first round. And the team doesn’t have a deal with a new owner yet, so that could have been the last game they ever play in Phoenix. Lame!
  • I found out the hard way I’m allergic to the weeds around my pool. I pulled weeds for an hour yesterday and spent the rest of the night sneezing and debating scratching my eyes out with a fork. Oh, and I got a sweet rash on my arm. AND I still have a ridiculous amount left in my yard. Insider tip: Buy stock in Benadryl.
  • On Tuesday some dick scheduled a meeting during lunch, so I had to eat later at my desk by myself instead of with my boyfriend and friends. I have that time blocked out on my calendar for a reason! Respect the recurring 11:00 – 11:30 lunch meeting!
  • I wanted to extreme coupon a few free items this week, but when I went to the store all the items were sold out. Damn your stockpiles! I just wanted one body wash…sheesh!
  • My face is breaking out! Ugh…pizza face!

What were your highs and lows for the week?

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I just won perhaps the greatest thing I’ve ever won in my life!
Junk to Joy’s Spring Delights Giveaway
That's Me!

Look at all these goodies!

Becky, you made my year day! Thank you so much!
Everyone, go check out Junk to Joy! It's amazing! Just look at her header! Chippy, junky goodness!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So Revealing

On Friday I teased this picture:

I promised I’d be done on Sunday, but obviously that didn’t happen. My paint pen ran out...I bought 2 more yesterday and finished my project. So, what was I painting?

A tray!
You might remember this tray from an old Weekend Junk post. I picked it up at an estate sale for 75 cents. The paint is one of my free Valspar samples – Nautical.

I painted 2 coats, but it still needed some pizzazz!

So, I printed and shrunk jones design company’s painted wallpaper template. If you’ve never been to her site, check it out. I love everything she creates!

I traced that little piece of cardboard with a pencil over and over and over again. I only did this small tray and I was getting impatient/annoyed. I can’t even imagine doing an entire room!

I didn’t trust myself with a paint brush, so I used a paint marker to trace the lines. It was so easy, but took almost 3 markers to complete.

Nothing in my house is complete without a little distressing and glazing. I used sandpaper to distress and Minwax Dark Walnut stain as a glaze. I applied the stain with a foam brush, and then rubbed it off with a paper towel.

I love, love, lurve the way it turned out!

This little pretty now sits on my dining room table keeping my salt and pepper shakers from getting lost in the usual mess that’s on the table.

On to the next project!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Junk #7

I shopped ‘til I dropped on Saturday. I hit up most of the thrift stores in the area and found some serious goodies. There was some stalking involved…don’t judge me! I’ll explain below.
The Goods

Table – Salvation Army  $9.99 $5.48
Paper Towel Holder – Deseret Industries $1.00

Frame – Savers $1.99
Mercury Glass Candleholder – Goodwill $3.99
Small Bird with Crown – Michael’s HALF-OFF

Wood Candlesticks – Goodwill $1.99 each
Large Bird with Crown – Michael’s HALF-OFF

Frame - Deseret Industries $3.00
Vase – Goodwill $3.99

So which item did I have to stalk someone to get? The vase!

Have you ever been shopping and seen someone carrying something you really want? So you follow them around hoping they’ll change their mind and set it down? Or is this just me?
I was wandering around the knick knack/houseware section of Goodwill and I saw a lady carrying that vase. I wanted it immediately. I cursed myself for spending too long looking at other things and missing out on that piece. So, I did what any normal person would do...I followed her around. I stayed on the opposite side of the shelf so I wasn’t too obvious, but close enough that I could jump on it if she changed her mind. And guess what? She put it down and walked away! I grabbed it and ran to the cashier before anything could happen to it.
I know. I’m weird. But this weirdo has a fancy-schmancy vase to show for it!


Friday, April 15, 2011

Sneak Peek

Fear not my lovely followers, I’m still here. I’ve just been busy crafting. My next project involves stenciling, so it’s taking FOR-EV-ER! Here’s a sneak peak.

It’s not the desk or a wall, so don’t get too excited. I’m hoping to be done on Sunday…
In other weekend news, I plan on thrifting ‘til I drop! No rain excuses this week! Hopefully I’ll have some goodies to show off on Monday’s Weekend Junk!
Anyone have exciting weekend plans?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Craig and I – On Again

Craigslist and I have an on again/off again relationship. He’s like that guy who promises something awesome, but then you end up waiting by the phone for him to call. He doesn’t call and you end up dreaming of what could have been.
If you couldn’t tell from my intro, Craig has caused me some serious heartbreak over the past few weeks. I’ve been trying to find the perfect desk for about a month now, but every time I find one, it’s already gone…sigh.
Yesterday, Craig came through! I’m in love!

I was so nervous that it would be some particle board POS, but look at those dovetailed drawers!

I'm definitely keeping the hardware!

Despite my mom’s objections, it’s getting painted. Probably white with a dark walnut top.

Desk – Craigslist $75.00
Right now it’s living in my garage (if you can’t tell from the crap pictures), but it’ll soon be the first piece of furniture in my office!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Junk #6

I spent all last week planning an epic thrifting Saturday, but I woke up that morning feeling grumpy and tired. And it was raining. So, my thrifting trip ended up being kind of lame…only a few good finds.

Mirror/Candle Wall Art – Savers $3.99
Firewood Holder – Salvation Army $3.60
Ann Taylor Loft Shirt – Savers $6.99

I don’t usually include the clothes I buy, but I had to show off the awesome detail on this shirt.
Also, what do y’all think about painting the mirror/candle thingy black? Or are you diggin’ the silver?
Did anyone have better luck shopping this weekend?