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Friday, September 30, 2011

September – A Look Back

I just realized I haven’t done my monthly recap since May

I felt like such a slacker this month because I sucked at posting regularly, but looking back I see that I actually did finish a lot of projects (including my first finished room).  I guess that’s why it’s a good idea to do a monthly recap! I don’t want to just rehash old news, so I’ve included a few new pictures! Keep an eye out for those.
Now, let’s reminisce.

Part 1 of my nightstand project was completed - I painted a pair of yard sale nightstands from pink to black.  

We spent Labor Day weekend in Las Vegas.

I co-hosted the Crafty Scrappy Happy Me Thursday Party with Jaime.

I teased some PIPs
(projects in progress).
And then finished one of them!
The blog got a little navigation makeover. And then that makeover got a makeover.
The biggest accomplishment: I finally finished the bathroom! And shared all the deets!

And we got a puppy (which explains lack of posts and completed projects)!

I have some BIG plans for October, so hopefully it’ll be bigger and better than September! They say October is the best time of the year to plant fruit trees in Phoenix…hint hint…

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hot Pink and Zebra Banner

A few weeks ago my boyfriend’s niece’s bedroom was redecorated – hot pink and zebra! Her 5th birthday was on Saturday, so I wanted to make her something special for her birthday and new room. 

(Yes, I’m actually posting a kid craft project…don’t get used to it!)

If you have a fancy machine, I’m sure this project will be a lot faster/easier.

Old School – No Fancy Machine Directions:

coordinating scrapbook paper (Her name is 8 letters, I used 8 different prints)
letters (I used punch-out letters on clearance at Michael’s)
glue stick
tulle (or ribbon)

Step 1
Find 2 different sized round objects that fit your letters. I used saucers from my grandma’s china.

Step 2
Trace circles onto back of scrapbook paper and cut out.

Step 3
Coordinate and layout the circles and letters in the order you want.

Step 4
Glue circles together and then glue letter on top.

Step 5
Punch 2 holes in the outer circle.

Step 6
Tie all the letters together with the tulle (or ribbon).

Step 7
Add tulle (or ribbon) to the ends so the banner can be hung.

Step 8
Pat yourself on the back. Job well done.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Guest Bathroom Deets and Dollars

The “motto” of The Junk House is house to home on a budget. So, I think it’s only fair to share my bathroom budget. I don’t want y’all to think I’m cheating and buying everything high-end. Although, you probably know me better than that by now!
Quick Note: Some of the prices include tax and some don’t…

Paint Attempt #1 – Home Depot $21.58
Paint Attempt #2 – Home Depot $21.58
Art Work – Already Owned
Towel Bar – Lowe’s $44.18
Towels – Kohl’s $15.20 ($10 off coupon + 20% off coupon)
Shower Curtain Rod – Wal-Mart $10.96
Shower Curtain Rings – Target $0 (gift card)
Shower Curtain – Target $0 (gift card)

Picture Total $113.50

Basket – Hobby Lobby $24.99 $12.50
Candle – Birthday Present
Towels – See Above
Vase – Goodwill $0.69
Trash Can – Hobby Lobby $16.31
Toilet Paper Holder – Lowe’s $0 (gift card)
Jars – EV Lutheran Thrift $3.00
Faucet –Overstock.com $57.99
Tissue Holder – Savers $7.99 $4.00
Black Paint – On Hand

Picture Total $94.49

Mirror – Bed Bath & Beyond $34.88
Mirror Paint and Primer – Wal-Mart $6.48
Medicine Cabinet – Home Depot $30.60
Switch and Outlet – Wal-Mart $5.85

Picture Total $77.81

Rug – Target $19.99
Not Pictured:
Light Fixture – Lowe’s $26.89
Showerhead – Wal-Mart $12.97

Picture Total $59.85

Grand Total $345.65
So, the bathroom went from crime scene to my favorite for less than $350. I feel like I got a great value with this makeover. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, but I also wanted quality. I definitely achieved my goal.

The shower curtain, shower curtain rings, and toilet paper holder were all purchased with gift cards from my credit card points. I don’t leave a balance on my credit card, so I don’t pay interest…so I consider those gift cards to be free money.
I couldn’t find an ORB faucet at Home Depot or Lowe’s for less than $100 (maybe there was one ugly one for $80). Buying my faucet online saved me almost $50.
As I mentioned before, buying the mirror at BB&B and painting it saved me $30.

I could have saved 20 bucks (and a lot of work) if I’d picked the right paint color the first time. Oops!
The biggest splurge was probably the towel bar at $44.18. My dad was in town to help me out and I needed a towel bar that day, so no time for online shopping. But I absolutely love the double towel bar, so no regrets here!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Reveal – Guest Bathroom

I’ve been talking about my guest bathroom makeover for months now, and it’s finally time to show it off!
I’m so excited that I have one finished room in the house. But honestly, is a room ever finished?
If you missed the individual bathroom projects you can check them out here (paint), here (glass jars), here (linens), here (vanity), here (trashcan), and here (mirror).

Alright, let’s jump right to the good stuff!

Yep, LOVE!

Ok, now let’s do some before and after comparisons:










One final “after” picture:

My little monster helper!

Bathroom makeover details and dollars post next week!
One room down, LOTS more to go!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crafty Scrappy Happy Me. Thursday {4} Co-host!

It's party time!

Just an FYI, this is a Double Link Party:  If you link up here or there, you'll be on both linky lists!

I'll be choosing this weeks top 3 winners/favorites 
from each of the following categories:
Crafty, Scrappy anddddd (yep you guessed it) Happy!

Here are ideas for what you might want to post at this party!

Crafty-yep, anything and all crafty posts are SO very welcome---lets see it----I can't wait to be inspired!
Scrappy-any fun finds from a thrift store or garage sale that someone else might have scrapped but you saved and re-purposed?!  Be sure to share those posts too!
Happy-I would love to learn more about YOU-share posts about whatever makes you happy!
No huge and crazy rules....just the normal stuff.

Please be a follower of Crafty Scrappy Happy---and The Junk House if you would!
Post anything related to Crafty, Scrappy or Happy---no giveaways or etsy shops.
Link to your specific post you want us to see.
Anddd add my party button to your post or to your party list on your blog----pretty pretty please!!??!!


Now go and do some exploring---get to know other wonderful blog friends and be inspired!

I’m ba-ack!

And I’m over at Crafty Scrappy Happy!

I’m sharing a few of my favorite projects (and promising that I’ll share the full bathroom makeover reveal this week)!
Tonight I’ll be co-hosting Jaime’s Crafty Scrappy Happy Me Thursday party! I hope y’all have your projects ready to link up! We can’t wait to see them!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I’m definitely blog-slacking this week.
I’m still recuperating from 4-days, 3-nights here:

We had a great Labor Day weekend in Las Vegas, but I’m exhausted! I can’t party like I used to!

In other Labor Day Weekend news, we picked up Ringo on Monday afternoon!

He looks sweet and innocent in that picture, but he’s really a little monster! An adorable, puppy face monster =)

So, that’s why I’m slacking this week (and maybe next). I know…excuses, excuses!

Anyone else do something fun over the long weekend?

Friday, September 2, 2011

We’re Expecting!

I’m so excited to share some news with y’all! My boyfriend and I are expecting a little boy!

*pause for effect*

This is our future boy –Ringo!

Did I get anyone? Anyone think I was preggers?
Well, there’s no bun in this oven. The only addition to our household will be this little face.

Ringo is spending a little more time with his mama before he comes to live with us on Monday.

And you know me, I’ve already made a trip to Hob Lob!

I’m counting the days!
(3 days if you were curious)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Black Nightstands Makeover

So, I don’t have a proper before picture.
My mom bought these for me at a garage sale ($20 for the pair). She removed the hardware and sanded them before she brought them to me (Thanks Mom).

I honestly don’t know what the old pulls looked like. My mom said they were ugly and dated, so she threw them away. I was planning to replace the pulls with knobs anyway, so it’s all good.
My mom painted the first coat on both of the nightstands while she was visiting a few weeks ago. It took a couple more weeks of procrastinating for me to finish them up, but finally I painted a second coat and rubbed on some poly.
What once was pink now is black!

My boyfriend loves them too…probably because they aren’t white! 


Nightstands – Mom $0
Paint  – Mom $0
Poly – On Hand
Knobs – Hobby Lobby $3.99 $2.00 each

Total $4.00

Mom, thanks for hooking me up with these nightstands!