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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sunburst Mirror Makeover

I finally joined the sunburst mirror party...and I’m only about 2 years late. Better late than never?
After I finished the headboard in the master bedroom I knew I needed to find something to hang on the wall above it. I had sunburst on the brain, but those suckers are expensive. I was planning to DIY one, but then I saw this pin from Kate aka Centsational Girl:

A sunburst mirror for $30 and it’s available at my local Home Depot? SOLD!
Just for reference, Ballard Designs sells a similar mirror for $99 and it’s actually 9 inches smaller…

Anyway, the gold finish ain’t my thang, but before I changed anything I wanted to make sure that I really liked the mirror and that it fit the space. If it didn’t work out, it would be pretty impossible to return a spray painted mirror.

I loved it, so it was spray paint time! A couple coats of Rustoleum Metallic Paint/Primer in Satin Nickel later and I had a whole new mirror. I let it cure in the garage for a couple days so we wouldn’t have spray paint fumes in the bedroom. I hated having to wait, but now it’s hung and I love it!

I still need throw pillows and want new lamps, but the mirror makes the room look a lot more finished.

Let’s end this with a close up – the top and bottom sections reflect the new color the best. *swoon*

OK, who else has a sunburst mirror and how long have you had it for? I remember seeing them all over the blogs a couple years ago, so as usual, I’m way behind on a trend. Although, I think the sunburst can be classic and not just trendy.

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