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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Master Bathroom Mood Board

Although I’m still working on the living room and office, I’m ready to start on another room!
I’ve been talking about making over the master bathroom since I bought the house and now I’m finally ready to get going.
As a reminder, I started with this:

That’s the only picture I have of the original wall color and faucet. Shortly after closing we made a lot of updates: we painted the walls, replaced the faucet, replaced the light fixture, installed a new showerhead, updated the switches/outlet, replaced the toilet, and added a toilet paper holder. A few months later I added a new shower curtain, artwork, a towel bar, and replaced the baseboards. And that’s where this room stands today.

Well, I’m officially over the black and white damask shower curtain and sick of looking at a cabinet with a missing drawer, so it’s time for the makeover to begin. As with my last 3 rooms, I’m starting the makeover with a mood board. It really helps me to see everything together before I start shopping. Here’s what I put together for my bathroom (resource list at bottom of post):

Luckily my dad helped me with most of the projects when I first moved in, so this is mostly going to be a little painting, a couple projects, and a lot of decorating.

Although the walls are already gray, I think I’m going to re-paint them a different shade of gray. I’ve just never really loved the color on the walls. Right now I’m loving Kevin and Layla’s Gray Owl lightened by 50%.

The biggest project in the room is going to be the vanity.  I need to replace the missing drawer, but I’m thinking about replacing all of the doors/drawers for a more updated look (plus I think it’s going to be hard to get one matching drawer). I’m going to paint the whole thing white and replace the countertop with something darker. The current countertop has yellowed slightly, so I’m sure it’ll look horrible with a fresh, white cabinet.

Once that’s complete I’m going to frame the existing builder-grade mirror. I’m also going to replace the rusty medicine cabinets with new beveled glass ones. I kno
w some people think medicine cabinets are uncool, but I love having all the extra storage.

The new shower curtain is from Target and I’ve already checked it out in person. It’s lighter and less formal in person than in the picture. The yellow towels, rug and a few colorful accessories will add some color and fun to the room.

So here’s the official to-do list:
Paint Room
Replace Missing Drawer
Paint Vanity
New Countertop
Replace Medicine Cabinets
Frame Large Mirror
New Shower Curtain
Re-Caulk Shower
New Towels
Buy Bath Mat
Add Lettering to Trashcan

The list isn’t too bad and I’m hoping to get a couple items crossed off right away to gain some momentum!

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