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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Eiffel Tower Print

Have you noticed that my definition of soon ranges anywhere from a couple of days to like 10 months? I’ll use the pantry as an example. Do you remember when my dad replaced the light in the pantry and I said, “Oh man, I’m so close! Hopefully I can get those last few projects finished up, so we can have a final pantry reveal soon!” Yeah, that was April 9th – it’s now 2+ months later and nada.
So, if you saw this post on my facebook last week you probably figured soon actually meant 3 months from now.

Not this time! Soon actually meant soon!
Let’s jump back to my office makeover – when we last left off I still needed artwork.  I loved this print from Etsy, but I needed a portrait-oriented print and this one is landscape (and I’m too cheap to spend $30). It just so happens that one of my friends takes amazing photographs and loves to travel (Hi Scott!). So, I asked him if he had any pictures of the Eiffel Tower/Paris that I could print and hang. He sent me a folder of pictures and after some thought I picked an up close shot of the Eiffel Tower. I cropped the photo to fit an 8x10 frame and had it printed in black and white.

The frame is a Salvation Army find that I’ve been hoarding for this project for months. It used to be an ugly gold/brown color, so I spray painted it white. The mat was included, but with the white frame it’s really noticeable that it’s yellowed. I’ll probably need to replace that.
Anyway, here’s the first official piece of office artwork (not counting the chalkboard):

It’s nice to finally get something up on the walls, but I have a lot more to hang. I’m pushing for a Paris trip next year, so hopefully someday I’ll be able to replace this picture with one of my own. Until then, I’m glad I have friends that travel the world and own really nice cameras =)

Photograph –  $0 (Thanks Scott!)
Print – Walgreens $1.99 $0
Frame – Salvation Army $7.00 $4.90 (30% off sale)

Total $4.90

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