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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pretty Pantry Labels

Can we all agree that no pantry makeover is complete without glass jars beautifully labeled? I’m sure we are all thinking of The House of Smiths beautiful pantry. *swoon*
Do you remember the glass jars I found at Goodwill? Are you sick of me starting every paragraph with a question? =)
Anyway, the jars now hold my flour, sugar, and brown sugar.  

I actually found the exact same jars at Hobby Lobby one day. I was hoping for another large jar to store whole wheat flour, but they don’t have that size anymore. I was able to buy another small jar to hold oats though.
Then I found jars for my rice and pasta at IKEA. Yes, I have a lot of different kinds of pasta…and I don’t even really like pasta.  

Glass Jars: Check!
Now let’s talk labels and my first Silhouette project!
I wanted to label my baking supplies because from the top shelf it takes a second to see which jar is flour and which is sugar…and of course because it looks pretty. I also wanted to label the rice jars because I have white rice, jasmine rice, brown rice and brown jasmine rice. And those are pretty easy to get mixed up…and no one wants Spanish jasmine rice! I didn’t bother labeling the pasta jars because obviously I can tell shells from penne without a label.
I don’t have a tutorial for the labels because this was my first time using my Silhouette, so I’m probably not qualified to give anyone instructions on their machine. I wasted a lot of vinyl figuring out what I was doing and my cutting mat has “oa” permanently etched into it because I put the first piece of vinyl in the wrong corner. ..oops!
I used one of the borders that’s included with the program to make the labels. And I just used one of their stock fonts, but I think they turned out really nice.
My freshly labeled baking supplies (and new oats jar):

And the rice jars:

I’ll never mix up regular rice with jasmine rice again!

Another pantry project crossed off the ol’ list! I’m seriously so close to finishing up the pantry!

Paint walls
Paint shelves
Move ironing board to laundry room
Buy container for Ringo and Abby’s food
Trash expired food
Donate unused items
Recycle plastic bags
Rearrange items on shelves
Buy baskets and containers
Update light switch to white
Replace light fixture
Labels for glass jars

System for storing plastic bags
Paint trim
Buy crate for cleaning supplies
Buy additional crate for rags
Find/paint one more bird hook
Touch up ceiling (around light fixture)

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