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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Storage Solutions

I’ve been working on prettying up my pantry since I moved in. Although, if you saw it right now you’d disagree….let’s call it a work in progress. Anyway, I’m still planning to paint in there, but for now I’m working on storage. Everything looks better in a glass jar, am I right?!
While I was home for Thanskiving my mom and I found these jars at Goodwill. I’m pretty sure they’ve never been used…or someone cleaned them really well.

Large Jar - $2.99
Medium Jar - $1.99
Small Jar - $1.49
Total $6.47

I knew immediately these would be for flour and sugar.

Yep, everything looks better in a glass jar.

This is just a teaser...wait until you see the rest of my pantry! 


  1. I need to get organized. My pantry is kinda pathetic. :)

  2. Pretty, and jealous ;) good sized jars are like $6 at my goodwill.

  3. I have decided it's not more storage I need, but fewer things to store. I am on a continuous purge!

    Self-storage in college is a great idea, my son did that one summer!