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Monday, July 23, 2012

Puppy Videos

It’s puppy update day! And today I have videos!

Abby is almost as big as Ringo now, but still thinks she’s a little lap dog. As soon as I sit on the couch she jumps up and crawls into my lap. She’s the sweetest puppy ever, so I let her.
Ringo will be 1 on Thursday! I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by! I’m going to make doggie cupcakes to celebrate!

A couple Saturdays ago we had a massive storm that ended up flooding part of our backyard (and new patio). After the storm cleared we let the dogs outside and they both loved the puddles…especially Abby.  

See the patio under water?

I can’t just post an Abby video, so here’s my favorite video of Ringo. I shared this video on Facebook about 7 months ago, so some of you might have already seen it. But I never shared it here, so hopefully it’s new to most of you.

I don’t know why that squeaker made him howl like that, but he doesn’t do it anymore, so I’m glad I caught it on video while he did.

So, should I post puppy updates more often? I just realized my last official puppy update was almost 3 months ago! I definitely take enough pictures/videos to post updates more often! Once a month sound good?

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