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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Shops at Target

Have you seen ‘The Shops at Target’ in your local Target store? They debuted in May, so if you frequent Target like I do, you probably have seen some of the merchandise. I think it’s a fun idea and I love that Target is promoting and supporting small businesses around the country. 

Featured Shops:

The Webster in Miami 
Privet House in Connecticut
Cos Bar in Aspen 
The Candy Store in San Francisco

But we all know that I’m cheap love a good bargain, so I’ve been holding out on buying anything. Until everything went on clearance a couple weeks ago! Before I show you my loot I want you to know this was multiple shopping trips – I didn’t just roll out with a cart load of ‘Shops’ goodies – although that would have been a lot easier!

OK, here’s all of my ‘The Shops at Target’ finds:

This first item I bought was the Privet House at Target storage crate (on the left). I came SO close to buying it at full price, but I couldn’t justify $30 on a small crate. Luckily it was still there once everything was marked 50% off (yes, I even resisted when it was marked 30% off)! I’ll probably use it in the pantry or maybe in the office.

Then I held out until everything was marked 70% off. That’s when I bought:

Privet House at Target
Galvanized Lantern Candle Holder $10.48 (originally $34.99)

Polka Dog Bakery at Target
Chicken Dog Treats $1.34 (originally $4.49)

Cos Bar at Target
Blueberry White Tea Soap $1.20 (originally $4.00)
Orange Citrus Soap $1.20 (originally $4.00)
Tweezers $1.20 (originally $4.00)

Then I talked myself into a new set of dishes and went back an hour later to buy:

Privet House at Target
White Embossed Dinnerware Set $23.98 (originally $79.99)
1 extra White Embossed Salad Plate $1.78 (originally $5.99)
Coral Serving Tray $4.48 (originally $14.99)

But you need at least a set of 8 dishes (right?), so I went on a Target hunt for another box of dishes. It took 3 more Target stores to find another set, but I did! Good thing there are Targets all over Phoenix!

Privet House at Target
White Embossed Dinnerware Set $23.98 (originally $79.99)
1 extra White Embossed Salad Plate $1.78 (originally $5.99)

Polka Dog Bakery at Target
Beef Tendon Rawhide $0.84 (originally $2.81) x 2

Cos Bar at Target
Cucumber Melon Soap $1.20 (originally $4.00)

The soaps will be part of my mom’s Christmas present, so I’m glad I found 3 different scents. 2 bars of soap seem like a weird gift, but 3 is a nice set. My mom loves fun scented soaps, so hopefully she’ll like these. The Orange Citrus one smells ah-mazing! Oh, and don’t worry – I’m going to buy her something else too. I’m not just going to give my mom $3.60 worth of soap for Christmas!


Ringo and Abby ate the rawhides in about 30 seconds, so I’m glad I only paid 84 cents for them! And they love their chicken treats. That’s how I bribed them to get this picture!

Overall, I paid $87.50 for $272.05 worth of ‘The Shops at Target’ merchandise! And don’t worry, I have plans for everything. I didn’t just buy everything because it was on clearance. OK, maybe that coral tray was an impulse buy, but you can always use serving trays…

Lastly, if you follow me on facebook you might have seen my plea for someone to help me make a decision about a coral pouf.

Even though everyone said "buy it" , I didn't go back to get it. Although I’m still thinking about it…

OK, we’ve talked about my shopping spree and now I want to hear what you’ve bought lately! Any recent shopping sprees? Any ‘The Shops at Target’ finds? Any great clearance deals?

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